21 Day Fix Fitness Plan

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21 Day Fix Fitness Strategy

Some fitness plans are only ideal. They have both workout routines and also the appropriate diet strategies to follow for maximum effects. Let’s focus more on this impressive plan:

What does it contain?

As aforementioned, this fitness plan comprises workout routines plus a diet plan too.

It contains 2 DVDs, each with 3 work outs. Each workout is designed to lead to a maximum calorie burn, within 30 minutes. Every work out is different. With each work out being more difficult than its forerunner the routines upsurge in issue. There is a modifier who helps you to scale the exercise down or up, depending on your health states and targets. For the first 15 days, you’ll do one work out every day. You can then do the doubles, meaning that you do one in the morning, 2 exercises a day and the other in the evening.

The Workouts

Absolute Body Cardio Fix

Your heart rate is increased by this one, and boosts the metabolism to overdrive. This helps in weight loss.

Upper Fix

This one works chest, the shoulders, abs, back, and arms. It’s perfect if you are aiming at a great swimsuit body.

Lower Repair

Works bottom the calves and thighs.

Pilates Repair

Tones and elongates the torso and tightens up the butt, hips, and thighs.

Cardio Mend

This really is the one that kicks the first work out into overdrive.

Yoga Repair

This one loosens the muscles and boosts flexibility.

21 Day Fix Fitness Strategy

Let’s now take a look at the next stage of the 21 Day Fix Fitness Plan, the Eating Strategy:

Well, this is not actually a diet. It is an eating program which uses a color coded system. The system entails coloured containers and a Shakeology cup. The concept behind this strategy would be to make sure that you are eating only correct proportions in your diet. Here is a basic break down of the color code:

Green, 8 oz. – for veggies

Red , 6 oz. – for proteins

Yellowish, 5.3 oz. – for carbohydrates

Blue, 2.7 oz. – for healthful fats and cheeses

Orange, 2 containers, – for dressings and seeds

Shakeology cup – for mixing drinks

The diet plan begins with helping you to figure out the total amount of calories you are supposed to take, depending in your current weight. Depending on your everyday calorie consumption, you’ll know how many containers you should eat every day. The plan has 4 degrees of calorie numbers, ranging from 1200 to 2300 calories. If your target is less than 1200, you have to round it to the least number. If is more than 2300, round it down to the maximum quantity on the calorie target amounts.

The application has a list, which is what you use to fill the containers. There’s absolutely no special manner of distributing the containers every day. All you need to ensure is that you distribute them in a way that can result in an ingestion of the entire calorie target by the end of the day. A simple way to do it’s spreading them across 3 meals and 2 snacks daily.

You’ll have to forgo a yellowish container though. You’re additionally required to drink a lot of plain water. It’s possible for you to drink coffee and tea too. You can eat from an extra green container, because it’s challenging to overeat veggies, if you are starving,


The 21 Day Mend Fitness Plan is a good deal, by many standards. You have nothing to lose apart from extra weight.

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